Selected Artists of Bangladesh

Safiuddin Ahmed (1922-2012)

In his formative years, Safiuddin Ahmed was exposed to the realist style as well as the style of the Bengal school. In the early 1940’s, Safiuddin made a series of woodcuts based on his frequent visits with the santal community. This series became popularly known as the Dumka series. Safiuddin relocated from Calcutta to Dhaka during the partition and was a member of the group which helped establish the Institute of Fine Arts in Dhaka. In the period that followed, Safiuddin began using elements of folk tradition, blending bold colours with traditional design elements in his depiction of rural landscapes. In the late 1950’s Safiuddin further developed his printmaking technique in London. This resulted in many modern techniques finding their way into his work as evident in the copper etchings of the floods that gripped the country at that time. In the 1960’s, Safiuddin worked in a semi-abstract style employing geometrical shapes and traditional patterns.